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Corporate Overview

Stalk Solutions is a growing organization operating in IT and Telecom Industry. We provide outbound/inbound telemarketing/sales/marketing/surveys services along with Back office services.

We aim to be candid in our communication, to engage openly and explore new opportunities for our clients, to understand their needs and concerns, to be accurate and truthful about how we operate and to be helpful, supportive, sensitive and responsive to our stakeholders. At Stalk- the destiny of the company and its personnel are immersed in one another, resulting in sheer professionalism. A fundamental axiom guides Gateway in All its technology driven endeavours that it is the people who create & operate the operations.


  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Prospecting and lead generation
  • Customer services (call center based)
  • Database updating
  • Help desk services (call center based)
  • Selling services/ policies
  • Appointment setting
  • Web enabled services
  • Telemarketing services (call center based)
  • Back Office services
  • Up selling and cross selling
  • Market research
  • Transcription services and other related BPO services.

Our Services

Connecting with your customers — in a reliable, cost conscious manner — is the key to your longevity in today's global economy. Stalk Solutions provides with a truly global approach to customer care — along with the right mix of people, quality control processes and forward-thinking technology —to deliver the unparalleled customer care and front- and back-office support that you and your customers expect.

Our Values

To provide high quality service to our customers, Estelle gives a very high priority to our vision and values. 100% Customer Satisfaction. Respect for our customers, employees and everyone who is associated with us. We will be Integral and Transparent in every job that we undertake. The sense of Urgency through which we will achieve aggressive targets, will exceed expectations every time. Change will be the key to our success.
With our expertise and history of delivering on all agreements, we let you focus on your core competencies and promote and protect your brand. With numerous clients and distinct programs we achieve success by leveraging best practices and following strategic models based on our expertise and experience. We guarantee you-

  • Cost reduction with peace-of-mind

  • Reliable, risk-free business continuity

  • Flexibility and control

  • Scalable capacity to specific needs

  • Comprehensive entry and exit plan

  • Defined workforce realignment plan

  • Minimized risk with maximized cost benefits